Why Does My Breaker Trip Every Time I Turn My Air Conditioner?

A breaker is a safety switch which is placed in the electrical system of your house. It stops the flow of electricity to the component before the component gets heated and catches the fire. If an electrical appliance can handle 30-amp of electricity and if the 40-amp of electricity is passed through it, it will start heating. If the circuit break is put inside the system if the electricity increases the switch will trip and turn off the switch which will prevent the component and also your house from catching fire.

If the circuit break keeps tripping something is surely wrong inside the system which may be pushing the circuit past the number of amps it was meant to handle and needs to be fixed.

1. Dirty air filter

If the air filter is dirty the air blower is forced to work harder and for more time period to keep the air flowing inside your system, because of which the blower requires more electricity to do the work and trips the breaker.

2. Voltage problem

If the circuit breaker of your air conditioner is not able to handle the high amount of electricity it will trip down every time you turn on your air conditioner.

4. Shorted motor

The motor runs inside your ac unit for long time because of which it starts to heat, but if remains heated for the long time insulation of the wire breaks which leads to an electric short. This allows more electricity to flow than the wire can handle before this electricity reaches the wire the breaker will trip down and turn off the air conditioner.

5. Dirty condenser coils

If the condenser coils are dirty the air conditioner will have to work hard to transfer the heat flow for which large amount of electricity will be required so the breaker trips down.

6. Low refrigerant

This is the problem for which professional are to be called. Low refrigerants can cause your air conditioner to work harder. So if your circuit trips every time you turn on your ac there might be a chance that refrigerant level is low.

7. Old compressor

The compressor requires large amount of electricity to work. But if the compressor becomes it faces some trouble while starting for which it pulls even more amount of electricity than before and forces the breaker to trip down.




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