Why Does My Air Unit Shuts On And Off Repeatedly?

If your air conditioning unit is turning on and off continuously it is termed as short cycle. Short cycling is one of the most common air conditioning problems, short cycling wears out the compressor. If this problem is not found at proper time it can be quite costly to repair.

Here are few of the most common reasons for the short cycling

1. Refrigerant leak

A short cycling can be caused due to refrigerant leak in your system. You HVAC system could be low on refrigerant, you can charge the refrigerant to stop short cycling but to avoid future problems you should fix the leak.

2. Frozen coils

Short cycling is also caused due to frozen coils. Low refrigerant can cause your coil to freeze and the unit will not be transfer the heat outside and can result in short cycling.

3. Location of your thermostat

Working of air conditioner in your hvac system is totally depended on the thermostat. It sends the signal to AC whether to start or stop. If thermostat is located near to the supply vents it will receive cool air no sooner the AC is turned on and will send the signal to turn off your unit.

4. Oversize air conditioner

If this problem started after you installed the new unit in your system, them your air conditioner may not be of proper size.
Bigger air conditioner will cool the room too quickly without dehumidifying it properly hence your system turns on and off continuously.

5. Electrical issues

Short cycling is also caused due to damaged electrical wires, control board or broken control switch. Loose wiring in the thermostat could also be the reason for this problem. You have to call a technician to fix this problem.

6. Un cleaned condenser coils

Condenser coils are responsible for transferring the heat outside the unit. If your condenser coils are dirt or clogged they could block the way for the heat to go out of the system just like frozen coils. Because of which your system will get over heated and will turn off.

As short cycling can harm your compressor which is highly expensive to repair it will be preferable to call a technician to find out the problem and take corrective measures to solve the problem.




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