Why Did My Heat Pump Iced-up In Winter?

The outdoor unit of the heat will get iced up occasionally during heating mode. These heat pumps do get iced up during the time of winter. It quite normal to see the outer unit of the heat pump coated with the ice.

Heat pumps get iced up and go into defrosting to melt the ice, which keep the unit running efficiently. If your heat pump is iced for over 90 minutes than something is surely wrong with your defrost system.

There are various reasons why the heat pump is iced up

• Refrigerant

Heat pumps use refrigerants to absorb heat from the outside as heat from the outside is transferred to the refrigerant some moister gets developed on the outside which freezes over the time and resulting in the formation of the ice.

This happens when the temperature is below 40oF and the humidity is above 70OF.

• Heat pump

Sometimes if the heat pump is not installed properly it will block the air flow inside the system and will cause your system to freeze. This can happen because of the wrong size coils, wrong size of pumps or even wrong size of motors.

• Blower motor

If the blower motor is not running properly or not working at all can be the other cause your heat pump to freeze. It is necessary to start the motor at high speed and to slow it down after sometimes.

• Defrost system

There is a possibility that the defrost system is not working properly for this we must call the professionals to handle this problem.

• Electrical contacts

Electrical contacts of components like compressor and other components result in ice formation.

• Outdoor coil blocked

This is one of the most common causes of this problem. Outdoor coil can get blocked because of the dry leaves and the dust this can ice up your heat pump.

• Unit placed inside the ground

If your unit is placed inside the ground there is no space for the ice melt and to be drained off.

• Other causes

Various other reasons like water leaking from the pipes on the top of the system or the freezing rains can result in ice formation.

Heat pump can get iced up during any season so if your heat pump is not working properly there is a chance that your heat pump might be iced up.





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