Why Are Some Rooms Hotter Or Cooler Than Other Rooms?

Some parts of the houses are warmer or colder than other parts of the house. The temperature of the room depends upon its location, number of electrical appliances presence inside the room and many other causes

If the room is having computers or tv sets installed which release large amount of heat make the place warmer. So if you are not using the electrical appliance you should turn off them completely. A computer can change the temperature inside your room from 5-10 degrees.

Your kitchen will always be hotter than other parts of the room because of the refrigerator, oven, stoves and many other units which generate large amount of heat energy. Rooms with high ceilings or rooms above the garage are normally hotter than other rooms because they have the heat coming up from below.

If the ducts are not insulated they won’t be able to cool the room properly and the room will not cool properly.

The major reasons why some rooms are hotter than other rooms are the duct leaks, ducts are sized to pass the exact amount of air required to cool the room, if there is a duct leak the air may flow out from the point of leak and the room will not be cold enough. More than the 90% of the homes in us have a major duct leak.

If a particular room is directly exposed to the sunlight than it would be hotter and the rooms which are shaded will be much cooler, you cannot do much about these factors.

How to solve this problem

Air balancing is the process used to solve this problem. In this process air flow in each room is adjusted so that they all are at equal temperature. In this process dampers are installed to reduce or increase the amount of air flow.

Dampers are valves that allow you to adjust the amount of air going to each part of house. People can remove the vents of the rooms receiving too much air.

As ducts is the main source of the air in the house. It is necessary to keep the ducts clean and fix any leak inside the house. Clean ducts will not only provide the balance air to the house but also reduce your energy bill by 5%-10%.

The best solution involves retrofitting your home's furnace with a zoned HVAC system. It not only solves the hot-cold zone problem, it drives furnace efficiency up, too.





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