How And When To Change The Filter Of The Furnace?

The filter in a furnace plays a very important role. A filter clogged with dust and debris restricts the flow of air. As a result the furnace works harder to cool you rooms. Consequently, it uses more energy to heat or cool your home. It is really important to maintain your furnace or tune it up after summer when there is still sometime for winter to come. This is to make sure that it is working smoothly. If faults are detected, they will be repaired to make it work well during the cold days and nights. During tune-ups of the furnace, filter needs to be checked for blockage. A filter blocked with dirt and debris, can cause increased energy consumption, frozen evaporator coils, inadequate heating, contaminated indoor air and sometimes may cause the furnace to break down.

There are three factors that decide whether a filter requires to be changed. Furnace filter are of two types- 1-inch filter and 3-inch filter. The former needs to be changed every month. The latter can be swapped after every three months. But the recommendation of the manufacturer needs to be seen. If you have pets in the house, you should change the filter more often due to the pet dander. If someone in the family is allergic to dust, the filter requires frequent changing.

How to change a filter:

Begin with opening and removing the air filter panel around the bottom of your furnace. You will see a compartment. On the top of the compartment the furnace filter will be visible. It should be resting on two metal lips. There will be bit of space to move your filter back and forth that allows you to bring down one end of the filter and pull it out of the compartment. Wash it, if it is washable and restore it in the same way as you removed it. If it is disposable, replace it with a new filter. While putting the filter back in the furnace always check for the air flow direction near its rims. The arrow should point towards the main part (or top) of the furnace.






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