What Is Plenum In Hvac Units?

Plenum has the shape of a metal box. Plenum is made up of galvanized metal sheet. Plenum is a component of duct work. Plenum has the shape of a metal box. One end of the plenum is kept open while the other end is closed. A plenum is made up of five panels.

Plenum is attached to the supply outlets of the HVAC system. Air cleaning filters are located in the plenum. Plenum is provided by supplier in small pieces hence it has to be assembled before being used.

Plenums are manufactured in two different types

1. Universal plenum

Universal plenum allows the installer to cut the plenum to fit the required size.

2. Custom plenum

Custom plenums are provided with panels of exact size and cannot be trimmed or cut. These panels are made of different sizes to fit all the furnaces.

Types of plenum are

1. Supply plenum

Supply plenum distributes the cool or hot air through the entire house. Air cleaning filters are placed inside the supply plenum.

2. Return plenum

Return plenum pulls the circulated hot or cold air from the house towards the system so that the air can be reconditioned and supplied back to the house.





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