What Is A Hvac Heat Exchanger?

Heat exchanger is made up set of tubes looped continuously through the air flow to exchange the heat inside the unit. Heat exchanger is a type of heat recovery system which is used to increase the energy efficiency by reducing the energy consumption. Heat exchanges transfer heat between two fluids.

The fluids might be separated from each other or be in direct contact. The shape of the coils in the heat exchanger depends on the type of the furnace you are using and also the type of fuel used. In furnace heat exchanger is the first place where combustion gasses enter after being produced by the burners.

Types of heat exchanges

Heat exchanges are of different type based on the medium used to transfer heat. Heat can be transferred between steam and water, water and air, air and water or others. Different types of heat exchanges are s

• hell and tube
• U tube
• shell and coil
• helical
• plate etc.


Combustion gas passes through the heat exchanges after being produced by the burners. Once these gasses reach inside the chambers they passed to the combustion wall.

In the combustion chamber the gasses which are cool are passed to the vent pipes after heat is extracted from these gasses they are thrown out of the house.

Air of your house blows over the heat exchanger and becomes hot because of the combustion gasses. These hot gasses are passed to the ducts and the hot air reaches inside the house because of these ducts.

Source of energy

In furnaces Fuel is the source of energy for the heat exchangers. Different types of fuel include propane gas, LPG, natural gas, fuel oil some of the furnace even work on electricity.

Problems that can occur

As the heat exchanger is consisting combustion gasses it must be ensured that it is properly protected. With the continuous usage it can develop cracks and result in deadly dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

Preventive measure

Regular maintenance can help you to avoid any problem. To prevent any sorts of problem call a contractor to check your furnace and heat exchanges and make you aware of any problem.




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