What Happens If A Condenser Unit Was Blocked With Debris?

Condenser is the important components of air conditioner. Condenser coils does the work of moving the heat outside the house. Condenser condenses the refrigerant sent to it by the compressor.

When the condenser gets blocked because of the dirt and debris it makes the air conditioner to work harder. A blocked coil can cause lots of problem to your air conditioner.

• If the condenser is blocked by debris its efficiency falls down to a great extent. Unit will have to work harder to generate the cooling as per desired results.
• Less heat transfer will take place from refrigerant to the surrounding ambient.
• If the sufficient heat is not rejected from the system, the heat will get accumulated inside the condenser.
• Your energy consumption goes up significantly. With a blocked condenser.
• Life of the air conditioner unit is reduced.
• Cooling capacity of the air conditioner is dropped by 25%-30%.
• Blocked condenser results in less flow of air from the supply vents.
• If you have the unit with blocked condenser coil you will find that the unit is not providing efficiency.

• The refrigerant falls below the freezing point and any moisture in the air around the coil begins freezing. It effectively turns the air conditioner or heat pump evaporator coil into a freezer.
• Furnaces with blocked condenser stop heating.
• As the air flow is restricted the heat in the heat exchanger gets higher and higher.
• As the air conditioner has to work harder it is put under additional stress which results into wear and tear of the unit.
• With a dirty or blocked condenser, even the sub cooled liquid temperature coming out of the condenser will be at a higher temperature.
• Compressor discharging temperature will get higher because of the high compression ratio which forces the compressor to put more energy to discharge the pressure.
• If your unit is clogged by the debris it will not covered under any warranty.
Cleaning the outside unit of the condenser is the part of the home maintenance. It is necessary to keep the condenser clean to avoid this problem which could result into costly repairs.





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