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 Pros and Cons of Flex Ducts

The air conditioner ducts can broadly classified into two types- the flexible ducts and rigid ducts. Rigid ducts are rectangular ducts that have been around since the presence of ducked air conditioner. The rigid ducts are made of metals or fiberglass boards. However in the recent times the flexible duct work has cameos an alternative to hard metal ducts. These ducts are made of plastic over metal wires to shape like tube. There are several advantages and disadvantages of flexible ducts. Let’s take a look into them.

 Advantages of flexible ducts


The flex ducts cost lesser then metal ducts. Not only the cost of the product is cheaper but installing it is cheaper too. Being easy to install, these ducts do not need more than one professional to get the job accomplished. As a result you cut down on labor cost. If you have set a budget about buying and installing ducts then these are more suited for your needs.

 Can be accommodated in tricky spaces

If you do not have much space to accommodates rigid metallic duct, a flex duct is a better option. It can be fitted in tight spaces. If there are sharp turns and bends through which your duct has to pass, then flex ducts are of course better.

 Disadvantages of flex ducts

Inadequate airflow

Adequate airflow through your duct splays a crucial role in effective cooling and heating. If your ducts do not allow good airflow then you will not feel comfortable in your rooms. The structure of flex ducts often obstructs smooth flow of air. These duct soften have to be strapped with cables for mounting. As a result their cross-section gets constricted which creates bumps for the air when it flows inside the duct. The ducts have to be pulled straight to avoid kinks for a smooth flow of air.

 Not long lasting

It is not as durable as metallic ducts. It will not hold up to the wear and tear over the years. After some years it will become brittle and easily break if something touches it. Therefore you save money when you buy these cheaper ducts, but you make another investment for replacement before long.

Beside wear and tear over the years, it can also be damaged if someone steps on it.Even rats and rodents in ducts can damage it with their bites. If it gets rubbed against any sharp object, it can also rip beyond repair.



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