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 Why Clean Ducts

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons that make professional cleaning of ducts a necessity:

Risk to Public health

People of all ages often fall prey to various diseases that are contracted due to polluted air. These are generally pertaining to respiratory uneasiness and allergies. The contaminants settle close to the ground surface due to their heaviness As a result they are easily inhaled. According to a report, in the US in 2008 cold, flu and asthma were among the top five reasons for children under 10 years to visit the emergency room.

 A report published by Total Heath and Better Health Magazine, it has been found that one in every six people suffer from allergies because of the presence of microbial beings such as fungi and allergens in the air duct system. In families where members suffer from allergies and lung diseases, dirty ducts can make life inside the house quite traumatic. According to Discover magazine, on an average a house with six rooms collects 40 pounds of dust each year.

According to American Lung Association, respiratory ailments claim about 361,000 lives in America every year. It is one of the top three reasons for fatalities in the United States. Poor air quality has also been ranked high by the EPA as a threat to public health.

 Inefficient Heating Systems

90% of the failure in heating and cooling system happens due to dirty duct system. According to American Society of Heat, Ref., Ac. Engineers, even a dirt layer of 1 millimeter on a heating or cooling coil can drop its efficiency up to 21%. A research by EPA has demonstrated that a HVAC system with sensitive mechanical components absolutely free of dirt and debris will run smoothly. Very unclean ducts make the system work hard to keep up the desired cooling level. This leads to rapid wear and tear. Working harder also produces hefty power bills.

 Now let’s see what the big guns have to say about duct cleaning – 

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) outlines 4 major causes for duct cleaning. According to it you should opt for professional cleaning of ducts when they are

• infested with molds,
• there is mysterious illnesses in the family whose reason cannot be traced,
• they are being used by rodents and vermin to get into your house; therefore are infested with their urine and dropping,
• the ducts are clogged with dust and debris.

 Even if you do not have these four reasons, it is not a bad idea to get your duct cleaned once in every three to five years. The EPA also gives a warning that in case a service provider do not strictly adhere to cleaning procedures, duct cleaning can cause indoor air problems.

The National Institute of Health enlists some symptoms of dirty duct. They are presence of: water, gunk, rubbish, dust discharge, and stenches.

The Allergy Consumer Review found that duct cleaning brings down airborne particulates by about 75%. It plays an important role in abating symptoms of allergies and illness in the building.

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