Different Types Of Air Ducts

You must have heard about different types of condensers and compressors but do you have any idea about the various kinds of ducts that comes along with an HVAC unit. Nevertheless, before we understand the different types of duct work that exist, let us try and understand the main function of ducts in an HVAC unit. To put it briefly, ducts are channels that carry the conditioned air from the AC unit throughout the house and also take away the stale air from the room to the outside air. Duct work is also used for heating and filtering systems. As far as the types of ducts are concerned, they come in different shapes and sizes and are made out of a variety of materials.

The broad categories into which the ducts can be divided are the Flexi ducts and the rigid ducts. The flexi ducts are made of lightweight durable plastic and most often this type of duct work is surrounded by insulation. The advantage of this type of ducts is that you will be able to bend it any direction. And mostly these ducts are used in attics and crawl spaces. As far as flexi ducts are concerned, you must keep in mind that it is important that these ducts are installed correctly, if not they will not function as expected and it might be quite difficult to insulate those ducts. The benefits of flexible ducts are that they are less expensive than the rigid ducts and at the same time it is quite easier to install these ducts.

Rigid ducts on the other hand are made of various materials and also they come in different sizes. But as far as the shape is concerned, they are either cylindrical or rectangular. The best thing about rigid ducts is that they are tough and sturdy. Some of the common types of rigid duct work include the following:

Sheet Metal ducts: These ducts are made of galvanized steel or aluminum. They are either round or rectangular in shape. The sheet metal ducts are the toughest among all the rigid duct work that is available. As these types of duct have a non-porous surface it can be quite difficult for mold or any other kind of biological growth.

Fiberglass lined ducts: When the sheet metal ducts are externally or internally lined with internal fiberglass duct liner it is known as fiberglass lined ducts. The reason as to why these ducts are lined is to prevent heat loss and to avoid condensation in the duct when the supply air is too cold. Another benefit of these ducts is that they can reduce the sound of the HVAC system to a large extent.

Fiberboard ducts: The fiberboard ducts are made from fiberglass strands that have been compressed and bonded with a resin and then they are covered with a sheet of foil laminate so that they can be protected from moisture. The best thing about these ducts is that they prove good both for heating and cooling systems as they are well insulated.

Lastly, when you plan to install an air conditioner at home, it is better to get in touch with an HVAC expert so that the most suitable duct work can be chosen for your home.




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