Benefits Of Insulating Duct work

When you think of a building design never forget about the importance of air delivery efficiency. In fact, energy efficiency has become an important criterion when it comes to building design. Thus, air duct insulation is an integral aspect of building design and energy efficiency. Nevertheless, before we delve into the numerous benefits of insulating your air ducts, it is imperative that we understand the meaning of air duct insulation. Air duct insulation is necessary to ensure that the air traveling through the duct remains at the desired temperature and there is no air leakage. However, air ducts insulation is done by covering the ducts with rigid fiber glass.

Let us now have a look at some of the benefits that one can get by properly insulating air ducts.

First of all air duct insulation is known to save energy. Most of the homes have unconditioned spaces like attic, basement, and garage. These spaces are mostly hotter or colder than the rest of the home, depending on the weather condition of the region. Moreover, when air passes through these unconditioned spaces they have a tendency to lose heat or coolness from the air they are carrying. The loss happens due to conduction. However, if air ducts are properly insulated you will be able to prevent this loss and which in turn will be converted to energy savings.

Insulation of duct work prevents condensation from taking place onto the surface of duct work. The result is when there is no condensation in the duct work the chances for the growth of mold and mildew is reduced to a large extent.

With the right kind of insulation at your home, you can expect to feel more comfortable. Most often it is seen that a lot of energy is wasted from homes through way of conduction. The result is you either feel colder or hotter than you should. On the other hand, if the duct work of your home is properly insulated the chances of losing heat or coolness from the air is lesser. Consequently, you will be able to experience a temperature that is closer to your desired temperature. This means you feel more comfortable within your home.

When the duct work of a home is not properly insulated you can get to hear strange noises while your HVAC unit is operating. This happens because non-insulated duct work can carry noise from one room to the other. On the contrary, if the duct work is properly insulated you can expect a considerable reduction in noise.

Proper insulation of the ducts also proves beneficial to the environment. This happens because you can feel more comfortable without spending much on energy costs. This can be greatly beneficial to the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the insulation of ducts it is recommended that you get in touch with an expert HVAC professional. This is important because that would help you to select the most suitable kind of insulation for your ducts which in turn would generate energy savings.



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