What Is A Spring Tune Up Of Ac?

As the winter season comes to an end, it is time to tune up the air conditioner for summer. This is also called spring time tune up. This ensures that the machine is ready to perform well when it warms up again.

• Clean or replace filter: Remove the filter(s). If you have washable filters you can wash a dirty filter with warm and soapy water. Make it completely dry before you reinstall it. In case of a washable filter, if you find it is damaged or snapped replace it. If your filter is changeable, change it.

• Vacuum the coils. The coil inside the condenser unit as well the indoor unit should be cleaned thoroughly with an upholstery-brush attachment. Take care not to damage or deform the soft fins. You can use fin combs to straighten the fins.

• You can use foam pipe to cover the exterior pipes. This will prevent freezing when the temperature goes down.

• Clear the area near your air conditioner to be sure there isn’t debris or leaves that could harm the performance of your air. Trim the branches of shrubs or branches of trees, if they are smothering the unit. There should be enough airflow for good performance.

• If you have a duct work, check if the insulation is fine. Up to 30 to 40 percent of your cooling energy can be lost through leaks.

You can have an air conditioner maintenance service. The technicians will come before summer and tune up the unit. They will detect faults, if any and resolve them.





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