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Blog Title: When does an air conditioner needs to be repaired?
When does an air conditioner needs to be repaired?
Category: Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Post By: HELEN K (Chicago, IL), 11/03/2016

"To get the air conditioner repaired is a natural thing but you must be aware of the signs as in when your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Let us have a look at the symptoms that might require you to call in an air conditioner technician.When the condenser coil of the air conditioner is clogged it is important that it is cleaned at the right time because a dirty condenser will create extra strain on the system which in turn will affect the efficiency of the air conditioner.Homeowners might keep in mind that the blower-fan needs to be replaced after a few years of use so when your air conditioner has run for quite a few years you should get in touch with an HVAC technician so that the blower-fan can be replaced.Some of the other signs that tell you that it is time to call in an HVAC contractor are the following:The air conditioner is not able to produce adequate cooling even at its top speed. This means that there are some serious problems with the unit and it needs to be checked well and only an air conditioner technician will be able to do that.When the airflow from the air conditioner is not proper, the problem could be with the compressor or the ducts and it is better to get in touch with an air conditioner technician to sort out the issue.Similarly when the energy bills are unusually high or the air conditioner gives out strange noises, sounds, or moisture it is necessary to take the help of a professional.Last but not the least, even when the problem is with the thermostat it is a good idea to leave it at the hands of an air conditioner contractor for best results."

- LAURA P (Indianapolis, IN), 11/04/2016
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