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Blog Title: What are the typical problems faced by an air conditioner?
What are the typical problems faced by an air conditioner?
Category: Home Air Conditioner Systems Post By: CHARLES O (Fort Worth, TX), 10/31/2016

"In recent times air conditioners have become quite common in most of the houses. One of the reasons for this is the climate change that is taking place across the globe. At the same time, the disposable income in the hands of people has also increased considerably. However, there are some common problems that an air conditioner faces. Let us have a look at some of these problems.Faulty wiring: When the wiring in an air conditioner is not proper it could cause a serious problem like fire hazard. At the same time, faulty wiring also prevents the AC from turning on or even the circuit breaker could trip off.When a leak develops in the air conditioner, it is quite common that the level of refrigerant decreases. This is mainly because refrigerant is lost through way of leak. In such cases, refilling the refrigerant is not the solution rather mending the leak is the right thing to do.Along with refrigerant leakage, water leakage is also a common problem. It happens due to causes like improper installation, clogged rear drains, faulty condenser or low outside temperature.The outside fan not working is also a typical problem. In such instances the compressor might be overheated and might trip off and at certain times internal problem of the compressor also takes place.Besides these electric control failure and dislocation of the thermostat sensor is also among the common problems faced by an air conditioner."

- MATTHEW A (Minneapolis, MN), 11/01/2016
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