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Blog Title: What are the tips to buy portable air conditioners?
What are the tips to buy portable air conditioners?
Category: Ductless Air Condition Units Post By: JOSE T (Anaheim, CA), 10/31/2016

"Portable air conditioners are preferred by many because of the flexibility associated with it. Portable air conditioners spares people from the hassle of installing central air conditioners and these units work like built in air conditioners. The portable units pull out warm air from within the homes and pushes in a cool and dehumidified air within. But while buying a portable air conditioner it is recommended that certain features are taken into account. They are the following:First of all, one should aim at buying the right-sized portable air conditioner. This is because a unit that is too big will end up in wasting energy and money while a unit that is undersized will not be able to cool the rooms adequately. However, depending on the size of the unit, which is measured in BTU or British thermal unit, the price also varies. Thus, a bigger unit will be priced more and vice versa.Portable air conditioners expel the warm air through the windows. Thus, it is important that a portable air conditioner is installed near a window so that the warm air can be easily exhausted. Thus, it is recommended to choose an ideal location before buying the unit.The plug type of the unit is also a significant consideration. For example, if you are buying a unit that requires you to upgrade the circuitry, you should do it before the unit is installed.Lastly, it is recommended that one should buy a portable air conditioner that has some additional features making the usage of the unit easier and also the maintenance of the unit should not involve much hassle. "

- ERIC F (St. Louis, MO), 11/01/2016
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