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Blog Title: What are the different ways of heating your home?
What are the different ways of heating your home?
Category: Power Vent Water Heater Post By: DONNA R (Columbus, OH), 11/01/2016

"Heating your home becomes essential when the temperature outside falls. And there are numerous ways of heating your home from which you need to choose the most suitable way of keeping the inside of your homes most comfortable. The different kinds of heating systems available in the market are the following:Furnaces are the most common ways of heating homes. In furnaces, the heating of homes takes place through duct systems. The fuel used in case of furnaces is oil, natural gas, and electricity.Radiant heat is also another way of heating homes. In radiant heating, the source is the in-floor hot water or the potbelly stove. The basis of radiant heating is that the heat from the hot surface gets directly transferred to a cold one.Boilers on the other hand are also a way of heating homes. In boilers unlike furnaces the heat is transferred through water. As the hot water passes through radiators it gives up heat and the result is that the room gets comfortably heated.Another effective way of heating homes is the use of heat pumps. The heat pumps are known to use refrigerant to absorb heat from the surroundings like the air, the water, and the ground. And the heat is transferred inside the homes through a heat exchanger. Commonly used heat pumps are ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps."

- MELISSA H (Boston, MA), 11/02/2016
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