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Blog Title: What are the common mistakes that HVAC contractors make?
What are the common mistakes that HVAC contractors make?
Category: Ground Source Heat Pump Post By: ANTHONY G (Henderson, NV), 11/02/2016

"To be an HVAC contractor is quite a responsible task because it involves handling complex heating and cooling units. But even then there are times HVAC contractors end up making some mistakes that might affect the efficiency and performance of the units, the customers might be harassed and the HVAC business might also be affected negatively. Some of the common mistakes that are made by HVAC contractors are the following:The HVAC contractors may not be aware of combustion safety and might fail to check flue gases and an instance of depressurization when there is a carbon monoxide call. It can prove fatal to neglect the combustion safety.The contractors might not give much attention to the airflow which means they do not focus on the ductwork rather they end up working only on the box. But it needs to be kept in mind that when a new HVAC unit is installed it might not match with the existing ductwork and leaks and cracks might develop. When such things happen the airflow gets impacted.Ventilation part is very often neglected by HVAC contractors whereas ventilation is quite an important aspect of a house. Due attention needs to be given to ventilation so that there is proper airflow in a house.Lastly, it is recommended that HVAC contractors give suggestion to homeowners about various home improvement opportunities and at the same time they need not bid too low just to get the business.Avoiding such mistakes can take a HVAC business a long way."

- CARL L (Newark, NJ), 11/03/2016
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